Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin picking

I love this time of year. It's the time of year where you snuggle in blankets and watch the leaves fall. You can sip spiced hot apple cider on your porch (because it's not that cold yet, which is KEY) and think on memories. I also think that it's the time of year where Bear and I are closest, because there are so many things to do together! And pumpkin picking and carving is one of them. We decided to go to the best local pumpkin patch that I know, "The Sleepy Hollow." The people there are generous and kind, I recommend it!

While we were there, a bug flew straight up my nose. Bear felt it was necessary to document this. :)

Before we went to the patch, we went to the Electric Fetus, to look at records and other knick-knacks.

All in all, It was a very enjoyable trip. One I hope to make every year! I'll be sure to post our carvings! I'm trying to do a very complex one, due to a contest that A Beautiful Mess is doing! 

What ever you do this October month, have fun and enjoy the crisp, refreshing weather!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Birfday bliss

Saturday was my birthday and I have to admit, I'd rather not grow any older. 26 seems so old, and i'm not done being a kid yet! Regardless of my feelings on the subject, my birthday came anyway. I wanted to show a few snapshots of the day, and a few of the places Bear and I visited.

I loved comparing decorating and designing home ideas with Bear @ Ikea. Sat down for a break, and felt straight out of 500 Days Of Summer. Yeah Zooey Deschanel! 

And finally...
It was so gorgeous today too.

I'm also super excited, because I got an amazing gift...A new record player and some sick records from UO. Can the day get any better?

Looking forward to lazy retro musical Sundays......

Sunday, September 23, 2012

4 Simple Goals. (Before 2013!)

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess and I decided to go along with one of their ideas, making a list of 4 simple goals that i could achieve by 2013! So here goes!

1. Be more responsible with my money.

When I enter a store such as say, Anthropologie for example, I can go a little loopy. I've really been learning lately that what i buy now may effect my checkbook negatively later! I want to budget better and have a little more "cushion" just in case of emergencies and the like. It's amazing how the little things that you buy may seem little, but THEY ALL ADD UP!!! ha ha.

2. Learn at least ONE song on my ukelele and publish it on YouTube.

My boyfriend bought me this little beauty this past valentine's day and I have yet to learn how to play song that's already been written. I have written my own song, (Which is also needing to go up on YouTube) but nothing other people would know offhand. I think doing this would lubricate my rusty musical creativity hinges, get the door swingin'! ;)

3. Chalkboard paint more things.

This goes hand in hand with being more creative in general with everything, esp. my apartment. I want to save up for a instant camera, probably a Fujifilm instax mini 25, (That is, if I don't get it for my birthday this week) and use it in everything, from sticking it in my journal to making collages! I want to blackboard chalk more things and hang them in my apartment, enjoy making things out of my usual realm of thinking, cooking things from scratch!! So many possibilities rolled into one goal.

4.Not to quote "Zombieland" or anything but...Enjoy the little things.

It's so easy to let life get you down and make you focus on only the negative things. I want to make sure to enjoy the small things in life every day because life scoots on by faster than you can say "summer is here" and before you know it... it's fall!! I want to learn to love my life and all that God offers me on a daily basis. Basically...I want to love myself more. A certain confidence develops when you know who you are, and what you are living for. I'm going to enjoy all the small things in this world that others may just pass by, and miss entirely.

Oh and for an extra goal...i also want to make more blog posts, instead of only once a month. It's not enough, is it? :)

Well there you have it!! Be sure to try this activity out yourself! It may do wonders for us all! Thanks "A Beautiful Mess!"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Life is short.

Thank heaven for journaling.
I am currently in a little bit of shock. Someone close to me died last night. It came out of the blue, and it was unexpected. It's moments like these when you truly recognize how short life really is. Sometimes it's only these moments which snap you back into reality and you think more deeply about what you do on a daily basis and how you treat others. Have I told them I love them and appreciate all they do for me? Have I been kind to them to the best of my abilities? You may never see that person again, it can happen in an instant. Have you made your peace with God? These are things that are so easy to overlook, to ignore. In the bustle of life it's easy to let life slide by. ESP if you have a life like mine, where for now, there is little tragedy. I can forget my own feelings, and how I truly feel inside because I don't voice my feelings.
It's sad really, that it takes a horrible thing to make you realize again how blessed you are. I can walk on my own, I can go on vacations, (if I had money that is, so I guess that's not completely true) I can dance, and sing, and laugh. I have a family and an amazing boyfriend. I have a God who loves me and always provides and protects me. I believe that. I'll believe that even if I lose everything else, and with my last fatal breath.
Sorry this post is so heavy. Sometimes though, I guess life is heavy. I'm glad that I don't have to take life too seriously either as well. I realize the depth of life, but not that I have to be stuck up or strict about things. I can laugh in the hard times. As this person who recently passed used to tell me, it's much easier to laugh than to cry. And I'll laugh with joy for all that I've been given in this life I still have. Even when it sucks, I'm still a blessed woman

Monday, July 9, 2012

Forth of July and deliciousness

Last week was glorious but hot. Once the news tells you you could die if you are outside... That's when you know it's too hot. Lol. My forth of July comprised of babies, swimming and tiny, safe ground fireworks. :) the day before the forth I had my old friend Jenny over and made her a glorious meal, complete with lemonade and nice cold frozen orange juice pops.

The lemonade recipe is easy and fun... And so refreshing on a hot day:

One can of frozen lemonade
Cut up strawberries, lemons
Chopped fresh mint from your garden!
Combine in a juice container
I tried to put kiwis in but they didn't work real well.. Sinking to the bottom and all do I don't recommend it.

The orange pops can be made by simply pouring organic orange juice into Popsicle molds and throwing in the freezer! Enjoy your hot weeks to come!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Here we go! Jarod and I are on the way to Lake Temperance!! I'm excited because it's the first time I've gone camping in a long time. This is the main vacation I'll be having this summer. I tried to pack only essentials but it seemed that my bag was still mega heavy by the end!
This will be an adventure. No service for three days. First time without my phone or electronics. But it will be good. Good for me. I guess ;)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

Nothing compares to a beautiful sunny day with family and friends. I went with Jarod to their yearly memorial day celebration at a park and enjoyed near 90 degree weather! we played horse shoes and I half sucked half rocked. It was a menagerie of ringers and not even making it to the sand! But we had fun and Jarod encouraged me in my failings. We started our 90 day challenge online and made our goals and took our before pictures. I want to lose 30 pounds and at least 3 inches. He wants to bulk up and get some abs! Both of us are excited to get our BMWs from body by vi! We went to a BMW dealership in Bloomington and I decided on a 335i BMW convertible in titanium silver with grey interior. Love it. He decided on a 2009 Z4 convertible! It's a very hot car! Yay for a fun and enjoyable weekend! We even stopped by Anthropologie. I will post pictures from that later. Happy Memorial day! I'm working right now... But enjoy your day off!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iphone now safe and sound

Good afternoon to all! I just got my iPhone/mobile phone cozy in the mail today through DaWanda, an international version of Etsy. I found this cute case and it screamed my name! All the way from Austria!

Look for it under the user named "Limabaum" Super cute!

Have a great windy day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My apartment

Lately have been thinking about how I love living alone. I can decorate and un-decorate at my leisure.I thought I'd post a few pics of my apartment to show you guys where I live!
This is my kitchen, i love to add plants and doo-dads to it. 
As you can see here, my flooring is a mixture of retro and horrific. I gotta find ways to attract your attention elsewhere.
This is my attempt to cover up terrible wallpaper in my kitchen. Living in an apartment, I don't get to choose whats on the walls so I...improvised!! Can't guarantee its fire hazard friendly...
My kitchen table. I made a frame into a chalkboard behind it! The other picture is from Urban Outfitters. The table is from Good will and the chairs were gonna be thrown out but I saved them from a friend! Best part about my kitchen i think!
My living room. White free matching couches given to me from my old roommates cousin. Quite the steal! The hanging lantern and frame is from Ikea, the rug from Anthropologie (On sale for 25$!!) and the boyfriend was made in Minnesota. ;) I think...
These curtains are from Target actually! I couldnt decide between the two so I threw up a rod and put both on. I like the effect.
Another view of my living room from the kitchen table.
This is an old dresser I "spiffed up." I painted it one coat with leftover wall paint from my last duplex and threw on some Anthropologie knobs. Its great to store my plants on.
I stow my shirts, socks, intimates and comfy pants in this bad boy. So many uses out of such an ex-crappy dresser.
Oh deer. I love succulents!
My patio is shaping up nicely too, with new teal patio furniture and blue Christmas lights! Can't wait to plant...I've been afraid of Minnesota frost.

My favorite object: My 60 inch tv!! I put up a tapestry behind it to cover up ugly white walls :) I'm behind the camera snuggling in my Anthropologie quilt.
Aaaand my favorite room of the apartment! The bedroom. I have two Anthropologie quilts on there. I splurged on the quilt and shams... which are now ON SALE. So bogus...but good for you if you want to buy it. I threw up frames on the wall, but that space is constantly changing.

So thats it! Hope you enjoyed the tour! Enjoy the beautiful day!