Monday, September 16, 2013

Kinfolk Inspiration

So I know I was gonna post pics from my camping trip but I really wanted to post this first.
I was sitting in my living room, watching "Yes Man" when I knew I needed to go out on my porch. I picked up my latest copy of Kinfolk and headed out with my pipe and thoroughly enjoyed a good read. It is so perfect and beautiful out today, just the perfect blend of breeze, coolness and sunshine. I was thus inspired to write a post on things that can refresh you after a long workweek. I just worked a long weekend filled with doubles and poop everywhere (I am a NA/R in a nursing home) so I now have two days off with which I plan on much relaxing. Here's some inspiration for you if you need to mellow out and recharge. :)

1. Start your day off with a sunrise or end it with a sunset

The basic concept here is to connect with God's nature, admire and I love to sleep in until I naturally wake up so I catch the sunsets, but maybe you're a go-getter that loves an early adventure!

2. Go for a drive to an unknown destination 

Maybe you're a person who loves to plan... Just go somewhere and don't have an idea where you'll end up! Find someplace you've never been before. Who knows? It may end up being a new tradition to traverse back to that same spot.

3. Find a nearby farmers market and splurge

There are few things I love more than a farmers market. Get some fresh, organic food and make a fantastic dinner that night! Bonus: you're supporting local farmers.

4. Find a river or lake 

Little compares to the soothing nature of the sounds of a rippling river or the soft waves of water on a lakes shoreline. Just lay and listen or wade in. Feel the sand between your toes or the river rocks underneath your feet, the water swirling around your calves. Let the sun shine lightly on your face, the shadows of the trees dancing on your closed eyelids.

5. Pick some windflowers 

Put them in a mason jar on your kitchen table, or wind them in your hair. The season of flowers is going to quickly draw to a close soon...make the most of it!

6. Find and eat something new

I stepped into a Whole Foods for the first time the other day. I was in awe of all the things there and I had to try their French macarons and fresh gelato. I tried a raspberry, a passion fruit, and a pastachio macaron (pastachio was my favorite) and a scoop of lemon sorbet gelato. So yummy!

7. Rearrange or decorate your space

Finally, I enjoy rearranging and decorating my home. It definitely recharges me. Like this corner in my bedroom for example. I got this antique chair from a garage sale near my apartments for, get this: a buck! I brought it up three stories by myself and created a private place in my room to do my quiet times with God. With having a roommate it was essential i find my own personal place. I feel that everyone needs that one place in your home where you traditionally feel relaxed and at home so you can concentrate on connecting with God or just to connect with yourself!

There are so many things you can do, such as baking something, make bread from scratch, go get a coffee from a local coffee shop even if you can make it at home. But above all, just learn to enjoy the process and And be thankful.