Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

Nothing compares to a beautiful sunny day with family and friends. I went with Jarod to their yearly memorial day celebration at a park and enjoyed near 90 degree weather! we played horse shoes and I half sucked half rocked. It was a menagerie of ringers and not even making it to the sand! But we had fun and Jarod encouraged me in my failings. We started our 90 day challenge online and made our goals and took our before pictures. I want to lose 30 pounds and at least 3 inches. He wants to bulk up and get some abs! Both of us are excited to get our BMWs from body by vi! We went to a BMW dealership in Bloomington and I decided on a 335i BMW convertible in titanium silver with grey interior. Love it. He decided on a 2009 Z4 convertible! It's a very hot car! Yay for a fun and enjoyable weekend! We even stopped by Anthropologie. I will post pictures from that later. Happy Memorial day! I'm working right now... But enjoy your day off!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iphone now safe and sound

Good afternoon to all! I just got my iPhone/mobile phone cozy in the mail today through DaWanda, an international version of Etsy. I found this cute case and it screamed my name! All the way from Austria!

Look for it under the user named "Limabaum" Super cute!

Have a great windy day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My apartment

Lately have been thinking about how I love living alone. I can decorate and un-decorate at my leisure.I thought I'd post a few pics of my apartment to show you guys where I live!
This is my kitchen, i love to add plants and doo-dads to it. 
As you can see here, my flooring is a mixture of retro and horrific. I gotta find ways to attract your attention elsewhere.
This is my attempt to cover up terrible wallpaper in my kitchen. Living in an apartment, I don't get to choose whats on the walls so I...improvised!! Can't guarantee its fire hazard friendly...
My kitchen table. I made a frame into a chalkboard behind it! The other picture is from Urban Outfitters. The table is from Good will and the chairs were gonna be thrown out but I saved them from a friend! Best part about my kitchen i think!
My living room. White free matching couches given to me from my old roommates cousin. Quite the steal! The hanging lantern and frame is from Ikea, the rug from Anthropologie (On sale for 25$!!) and the boyfriend was made in Minnesota. ;) I think...
These curtains are from Target actually! I couldnt decide between the two so I threw up a rod and put both on. I like the effect.
Another view of my living room from the kitchen table.
This is an old dresser I "spiffed up." I painted it one coat with leftover wall paint from my last duplex and threw on some Anthropologie knobs. Its great to store my plants on.
I stow my shirts, socks, intimates and comfy pants in this bad boy. So many uses out of such an ex-crappy dresser.
Oh deer. I love succulents!
My patio is shaping up nicely too, with new teal patio furniture and blue Christmas lights! Can't wait to plant...I've been afraid of Minnesota frost.

My favorite object: My 60 inch tv!! I put up a tapestry behind it to cover up ugly white walls :) I'm behind the camera snuggling in my Anthropologie quilt.
Aaaand my favorite room of the apartment! The bedroom. I have two Anthropologie quilts on there. I splurged on the quilt and shams... which are now ON SALE. So bogus...but good for you if you want to buy it. I threw up frames on the wall, but that space is constantly changing.

So thats it! Hope you enjoyed the tour! Enjoy the beautiful day!