Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

Nothing compares to a beautiful sunny day with family and friends. I went with Jarod to their yearly memorial day celebration at a park and enjoyed near 90 degree weather! we played horse shoes and I half sucked half rocked. It was a menagerie of ringers and not even making it to the sand! But we had fun and Jarod encouraged me in my failings. We started our 90 day challenge online and made our goals and took our before pictures. I want to lose 30 pounds and at least 3 inches. He wants to bulk up and get some abs! Both of us are excited to get our BMWs from body by vi! We went to a BMW dealership in Bloomington and I decided on a 335i BMW convertible in titanium silver with grey interior. Love it. He decided on a 2009 Z4 convertible! It's a very hot car! Yay for a fun and enjoyable weekend! We even stopped by Anthropologie. I will post pictures from that later. Happy Memorial day! I'm working right now... But enjoy your day off!

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