Monday, January 6, 2014

A "Very late" Christmas party post

These photos are very late, (and blurry, sorry only an iPhone for pictures) but better late than never I always say! I had the perfect opportunity to update my blog considering its -20 degrees outside and i'm hibernating until this arctic blast is over! I had my new "housemates" over for a meet-n-greet Christmas party in December and it was a blast! I love these ladies already and we get along very nicely. All the boyfriends were busy so we got to have some good girl time. I made puppy chow, and the girls brought home-made salsa, meatballs and various treats.
I made spiked cranberry rum which was oh so tasty, and you can find the recipe here.

Have a safe and happy new year! I have many things I want to improve on this year. Most of all I am thankful for all I already have.