Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm back

 I'm back guys...and it's been a loooooong hiatus. My computer died and then all I had was my iPhone to try to do posts, which doesn't lay out the way I'd prefer. For now, until I get a new laptop my boyfriend is letting me borrow his iPad. Whattaguy! Please enjoy a few pictures from these past few weeks. I went to my grandparents cabin last week and enjoyed some relaxing (much needed) days. I took in God's creation with a big, grateful breath. Have a great rest of your week!!
1. The beautiful lake at my grandparents, fishing for Sunnies.
2. My lovely friend Katrina when she came to visit, playing with my polaroid.
3. Some photos taken at the grandmas goofy and funny! I love her.
4. The beginning of a new day-taken right before work at 6 am
5.  Sunset over the lake-God's beauty
6. A peacock at our pastor's farm, so beautiful.