Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy valentines day!

Happy Valentines to all my loved ones, friends and family! Have a blessed day and know that God loves you greatly!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Here are a few snaps of my January. Its been sooooo cold in Minnesota, pretty much record breaking. It was fun though, my college friend Katrina came up for a sleepover and we watched the Golden Globes together. I also just hosted a Super bowl party with my truly wonderful neighbors. I'm glad that I can utilize my apartment so well, despite it being so small. I love to share my home with others. Have a great start to your February everyone!

1. Looking through my pictures on a warm day, listening to the snow melting off the roof.
2. My cat loves the new rug I bought! What a goof.
3. A mixed drink I made at my Super Bowl Party, truly tasty. Heres the link for the recipe!
4. My cat also loves my "new" vintage, velvet couches. So does her hair. :(
5. My beautiful friend Katrina and I enjoying coffee at a local coffee shop on her visit.