Friday, April 6, 2012


Well im just sucking at blogging lately. I don't know if anyone even reads these anymore... But I've been distracted with my phone and instagram lately. That and my computer screen went out so I have to blog from my phone which goes A LOT slower. Buuut I digress. It's spring. I love it. It feels though like its not only the season for renewing the earth, but also a season for renewing me! I've been going through the fire, becoming refined for a greater purpose. I've realized that no matter who you are and what you believe, that you have to realize that everything in this life perishes, it dies, things change. My new tv, it will expire someday. It won't always be around. Nothing is sure in life. It is my personal belief though, that God is the only constant, the only surety, the only faithful thing in life. I'm convinced that friends will turn away in life, you grow apart or they leave, even lovers will fail you... But God is constant. He never changes, He constantly loves. It's in that love that I cling to... Even in terribly hard times in my life. He provides all I need... Which is Him. All these words inspired me to write a song, which is in its rough stages at the moment, but i will be posting it soon. Anyways, I wish you all a happy and blessed spring season, may God bless you and shine on you. May He give you peace... And provide for you a constancy in life, that which is undying passionate firey love!

These pictures are of my lovely tv,and my spring day yesterday complete with my new bright green shoes. And the first dandelions of spring!!