Monday, July 9, 2012

Forth of July and deliciousness

Last week was glorious but hot. Once the news tells you you could die if you are outside... That's when you know it's too hot. Lol. My forth of July comprised of babies, swimming and tiny, safe ground fireworks. :) the day before the forth I had my old friend Jenny over and made her a glorious meal, complete with lemonade and nice cold frozen orange juice pops.

The lemonade recipe is easy and fun... And so refreshing on a hot day:

One can of frozen lemonade
Cut up strawberries, lemons
Chopped fresh mint from your garden!
Combine in a juice container
I tried to put kiwis in but they didn't work real well.. Sinking to the bottom and all do I don't recommend it.

The orange pops can be made by simply pouring organic orange juice into Popsicle molds and throwing in the freezer! Enjoy your hot weeks to come!!

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