Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Depot Amazement

One of my friends suggested checking out Home Depot on account of some discounted house plants. Today I got a little money and decided to reward myself a little, so I checked it out. I was astounded at its selection and variety. And it was so cheap! A four ft tropic tree-type plant was $9.99! Couldn't believe it. Who would have thought that my dad's favorite tool store could have something I love? I've also found a new favorite type of house plant. The Bromeliad:

It's unique yet beautiful both at the same time. It was more than five dollars though so I bought a little Ivy and a snake plant. I heard those are hardy, so it may survive in my sunlight-deficient apartment.

I also planted some chives under a cloche. I sure hope they grow!
I find when I buy something new, I like to clean and reorganize. I must have moved my living around three times now. Still not satisfied with it. I suppose I never will be until I have a house I can paint, instead of an apartment I can't. Its hard to find ways to fill all that empty space though!
Thanks Jesus, for a beautiful, sun-shiney day. You rock my socks AND shoes off! 

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