Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anthropologie Obsession

I stopped by the store Anthropologie today. It's so strange, but I felt instantly happy when I stepped in the door. I was greeted with soft, Indie music and distractingly good-smelling candles. I love that the candles are placed on top of sand in a hurricane jar. I then proceeded to buy sand and do it myself! If it was summer I would just go get some from a beach and use that.
I love the vintage looks at Anthropologie, but I believe that my favorite part about my visit was the plethora of plants all around! Succulents and ferns everywhere, planted in all sorts of different pots. Then I went farther back into the store and was assaulted with terrarium upon terrarium. I thought I was in heaven, and I didn't want to leave! I looked at the prices that they were selling them at, and scoffed. Some were $100!! So I went out and bought a rose bowl and made my own tonight. Wish i had a camera to take a picture. :( Its so cute, and it has an owl in it. Its in the middle of my kitchen table right now.

I noticed that Anthro does some fun things with their plain pots too. I will be trying that out, wielding my trusty glue gun! Check it out on "The Inspired Room" Blog. Its really fun and easy.

Sooooo yeah. I now have an Anthropologie wish list. 

1. Blue pot- $8.00
2. Sweet little dress-$168.00 (Tried it on too. I liked it because it reminded me of Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days of Summer)
3. Amazingly cute perfume- $68.00 (Smelled so good, and comes with an adorable bottle and pins!)
4. Awesome floral bedding-$58.00-$228.00

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