Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Duchess of Devonshire

Yesterday evening I watched a movie called, "The Duchess" I literally felt depressed afterwards. Basically it's about the duchess of Devonshire, Georgiana Cavendish. She marries the Duke of Devonshire and he's not loving to her. He takes her best friend for his lover and she lives with them as a sort of "second wife" for 25 years of their marriage until Georgiana passes away. Georgiana tries to take a  lover and has an illegitimate child, but the duke had her give it away and kept her from him.
The movie really did nothing for me except open my eyes a bit as to what life was like back then. Often you were placed in a marriage that had no love in it. The woman was mistreated, and her only purpose in life was to birth children (sons were preferred) and be a faithful wife. All well and good, but my heart goes out to them when the husband fails to be faithful to the wife and its socially acceptable.

Can you imagine having this on your head? Pretty sure there are sublaxations galore!

It makes me realize once again how lost people are. Back then many had no hope. I look at society now, and what is different? People still are run by their passions. Yes, there are less restrictions for women. For this, I am glad. But we are often held captive still to what other people think of us. We are what society think of us. In short, we are never good enough. 
Women, realize that you are special. You have beauty and a personality that no one else has. You are worth it, and worth waiting for. Don't sell yourselves short to the first "Duke" that comes along. Even if he does have money and power and position. You may end up in a marriage of misery. Just remember that there is a God who loves you just the way you are. As my wonderful friend Michelle told me today:
You are lovely
His Beloved
Full of goodness and good fruit

And this is what you are too. Believe it.

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