Monday, August 17, 2015

Highlights of summer

The summer has flown by so fast. It's already the middle of August and fall is around the corner. Here are a few pics of the highlights of my hot season:

Hot summer days on the boat always will cool you off. I haven't been tubing behind a boat in 13 years, so this year it was definitely a highlight. Here's my friend Jake jumping in the middle of the lake.

I went to Rochester in July for the first time for CPR training and Ben and I made a day of it. Totally a fun day of wall murals, mansions and sushi. :)

Along with happy highlights, there are also sad ones. I had to move (hopefully just temporarily) from my apartment so my landlord could do renovations. I don't know when I can go back but I'm just trusting in the Lord that He knows whats best for me. Here's Ben right after helping me move all my stuff out, looking out of my empty apartment.

One of the few things I got to do this summer was go camping with Ben's family to Redwood Falls. It was very restful and super fun to fish and go swimming in the river with Ben's sister, Libby. (Pictured here)

One of my old friends from high school, Brooke, got married at the end of July and it was so fun to see my old high school friends and celebrate her and her husband. Here my friends Lindsey and Stacy are laughing, totally gorgeous.

I hope to squeeze a few more memories in before the summer is done, perhaps go tubing down a river  this Saturday. :) Have a HAPPY rest of your summer!

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