Monday, August 10, 2015


It's been a long hiatus.
Busyness of life every once in awhile just drags me down. I'm now enrolled full-time in nursing school, going for my LPN. Words cannot describe how hectic life has been and how I've had to weigh out my priorities in life. I've decided to continue on in this blog because It brings out my creative side that I need to nurture even though I'm busy. If I lose or forget a part of me in the process of schooling, was it really worth it? Those were my ponderings today, and here are a few things I've been loving:

This guy takes amazing photos, and was features in Urban Outfitter's blog. Simply amazing. Makes me want throw down my books and go on a hike and camp in the middle of nowhere.

This home has me missing my apartment, (It's currently being renovated). I miss natural lighting, (hard to get in the basement of your parent's place) and plants.

Daydreaming about another rad tattoo...this one will do nicely.

These teacups are just adorable. I love the birds.

This lady, Oana Befort, is an amazing watercolor artist and has downloadable calendar backgrounds for all your electronic devices...for free!! Just download and set to your background for your phone, computer or iPad.

Oh yeah, and I'm currently obsessed with this song, just like everybody in existance:

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