Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Moving (again)

Here's a pic of my kitchen area of my current place. Tomorrow or very soon I will be moving downstairs to another apartment that is slightly bigger. Instead of a studio, (I've been using one room as a living room AND  a bedroom) I will have a one bedroom apartment. I'm excited because the bedroom has a brick wall and the living room is hardwood floor. I really hate moving though, even if it's only downstairs. And the feeling I have is bittersweet. I really love my bathroom with its natural lighting and deep tub, and my kitchen is specious and lovely. But I hate how congested it feels in the bedroom/living-room space.

My bathroom: love the window!

Another of the bathroom. I love the pedestal sink

View of the kitchen from the bathroom

Another view of more of the kitchen

My bedroom/ living room. Doesn't it feel congested to you? Maybe I'm just crazy

Better view of the bed

Another view of the room- sorry for the mess!!

So thats that a bit of a tour of my apartment, soon to be "old" apartment. I can't wait to start decorating downstairs and starting fresh again, and have a little more room to do so.

Have a great rainy day!

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