Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It's been one of my most favorite things lately to look through Pinterest and find my favorite rooms and spaces. These usually include lots of natural light, lots of green plants and a Kilim rug. Ha ha!
I pictured a few of my favorites above, here are their links: Onetwothreefour.

I've been pondering a lot and feeling listless, like I'm not doing what I'm meant to be doing. God gave me a singing voice for a reason, and a desire to heal people. I have an appointment with a music degree councelor at Saint Cloud State tomorrow morning, wish me luck! I really would love to pursue a music therapy degree, but I don't want to travel or move, so I think I'll attempt finishing my music degree then go on to do a music therapy equivalency program online. It will take longer but I believe that it would be cheaper and more suited to me. I've been meaning to do some more schooling but I've never took the step to get back into it. Here's hoping and praying that this time I will really do it, not just have good intentions, and that this is the right step. They say that it's hard to go back to school once you stop...well...I'm living proof of that. It's been too long. It's time.

Now I'm off to go work out with my gal-pal Angel. Hopefully this will stick too! :)

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