Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fail cake

So, I obtained a cookbook awhile back called "Chicken and Egg." Pretty much every recipe i've made from it has been a success. I recently got another cook book from Anthropologie. Its called "Seasons:The best of Donna Hay magazine." It has a lot more recipes but the only thing i've made so far from it was an epic fail. A cake, called the "Honey-cream sponge cake." I made it for Jarod, and even he said it was pretty terrible, the first I've ever heard badly from him. He said it tasted like "cornbread soaked with honey." Stink.

 The Cake of Infamy

 My failed attempt at the cake of infamy

And here is the cook, along with her new apron. Also from anthropologie. The cook happens to like that store!

So although I hope to get better at cooking, I think its a good thing to post my mistakes, as well as my victories. It this way, you all may know that I am still human, and not a goddess, though I know that it is very hard to believe. ;)
Happy Cooking this fall season! Stab a pumpkin!!

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