Friday, September 23, 2011

Chill out!

Do you ever wonder if we take this life too seriously? I often catch my self freaking out or making a big fuss if something doesn't go my way or go just right. Like, if I'm planning on going somewhere and its changed last minute on me, or even something big changes in my life. I think I need to tell myself, "What's the big deal?" The circumstance might actually open up a different opportunity up that wouldn't have been open to me previously.
Maybe that's why I like "The Office" so much.

Jim and Pam, (And especially Jim) make a fun time out of a stinky situation with a stinky manager. He makes up jokes and pranks to pass the time and make the day fun. I'm so down for that. Just like how Jim looks at the camera when something ridiculous happens as if to say "Yup, that just happened." I look up to the skies and say the same to God. It's so awesome because He gets it, He gets me, and He has a sense of humor. Just make light of the situation. Don't take life and its circumstances so seriously, brush stuff off quickly. What use is it to be offended all the time.
Laugh often. Life life to the fullest. As much as you can live at peace with people around you...don't argue. Even if you are right, if the person won't listen, what use is it to argue with them, other than to make yourself upset. Just shut your mouth and be satisfied to know that you are right.
Love others. Live selflessly. Put others before you. You really can't go wrong with these things. You feel better, and make others feel better. Killing with kindness really does work.

So, today is the first day of Autumn. The season of change and chill. I say it marks the same for me. No longer letting life or other people get me down. Relaxing and moving my life along at the same time. Why get upset? When I die, I want people to say about me, "I never heard a negative thing come out of that woman's mouth." Thats something to live up to.
I'm so ready to relax this Fall, take in nature. The leaves change so fast. The colors are here and they're gone in the blink of an eye. I'm going to go on a walk, and come back in for a warm cup of cocoa. See ya.

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